Monday, February 4, 2008

Africa Hot

Son it is HOT!
I keep wanting to say, "Damn, it's hot like Africa out here" but it is Africa. So the only thing I can compare it to is hell I guess. Its been about 95 or more for over a week now. I'm kinda looking forward to coming back to the cold of a New York winter. Never thought I'd say that.
In NY when I went for my shots the doctor warned me about the mosquitoes. She also tried to get me to take about 15 shots, none of which were covered by my insurance. Since I've been here it's easy to see how people really discourage you from coming here. there is this fear instilled about Africa for some reason, Im not sure what.
It still reminds me of Queens just a whole lot hotter.
So yeah there are a lot of mosquitoes. I had a fight with one in the bathroom the other day. it wasn't letting me... well, it just wouldn't leave. I actually thought it was a hornet. it was that big! It was black and yellow and I just couldn't kill it no matter what I tried. Eventually it just flew out the room. Later a friend who I had described to it to told me that was a mosquito. I love you Africa but damn!
The Mosquito problem isn't as bad as it could have been if I would have come during the rainy season. It's the dry season now. From what I hear it's hard to even go outside during the rainy season.
We interviewed an elder who had recorded a song about the Mosquitoes back in the day. The song praises the Mosquito as the true reason the white man hasn't taken over all of Africa. Evidently along with Kwame Nkhurma, the mosquito is credited with chasing the english out of the Gold Coast (Ghana).

With that said, I don't mind swatting mosquitoes if it means living free.

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