Monday, February 4, 2008

Ghana v. Nigeria

So we went to see the Ghana v Nigeria game. This was a little different then the game we went to before. There is a major rivalry between these nations. Some in Ghana feel that there is crime in Ghana only because of the Nigerians in the country. So what was exciting and fun when we went and saw the Ghana v. Morocco game was frightening at this Nigeria game.

While Nigeria was up one nill, a few shoving matches happened in the stands and believe me when you go to a game make sure you wear clothes you don't mind getting wet because you will be drenched with water during a goal.

Ghana tied the game right before half time and the crowd roared from then, through half time, until the teams came back onto the field. I've never seen anything like it.

It's damn good thing Ghana won cause I think there would have been a riot. We had a hard enough time getting out of there as it was.

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