Sunday, February 10, 2008


Feb 8th, 2008

This trip is something very special. I just can't film everything, but I have to express...
I met a high priest of a small village in the mountains, hand lunch with some business men and a member of Parliament. I've seen the underground music and film movements. Some of the things I'm seeing here are staggering.
Being up in the mountains was the best thing for me. We stopped in a small town where the most beautiful roosters were walking free. Women sat on stoops pounding FuFu (pounded plantains and casava that I just can't get enough of. Be weary people people I'm coming back a fat man but with a reason to get in shape- I'll explain later). We visited a football academy where the some of the best young players train to represent their country. Oh and the country pride here is really a beautiful thing that is foreign to me as well- more on that. damn there is so much in me and so little time. please subscribe and keep coming back because its going to take me a while to express everything in the right way.

oh and check out this artist Wanluv the Kubolor he is the truth.


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emansa said...

Hi muMs. am glad you've been experiencing GH, and enjoying it. I'm enjoying your blog still waiting for the updates promised. I know GH experiences lights off now and again but it's been almost month already, lol. Are you still in GH?